A toga party just wouldn’t be the same without all the crazy homemade toga costumes.  The most important thing to remember when making you own toga is that togas are crazy, tacky and fun. Don’t take your toga or yourself too seriously!

-bed sheet, choose the size you’ll be most comfortable in; Goodwill, Thrift Store good source and it doesn’t have to be white; or several yards of inexpensive fabric
-several large safety pins
-accessorize with reckless abandon; there‘s no such thing as too much accessory: feather boa, decals/stensil/stickers, ribbons, silly necktie, buttons, rhinestones, any type of hat, sunglasses, you get the idea!

Tip before starting: Most people like comfortable tops and bottoms under their toga, it’s your call. Easier if someone helps with draping and pins.

1) fold sheet lengthwise, adjust the fold to make the length you want; place one end of sheet at you hip; wrap the sheet around your waist, as you would a bath towel, two times if you have the fabric; this forms the lower half of you toga; suggest you try sitting down before going further.

2) Safety pin the sheet securely at the hip; depending on your comfort level with the possibility of exposing yourself later in the evening, you can pin one or both hips of your toga.

3) Bring the sheet across your chest and over the opposite shoulder. This creates the classic design of the upper half of the toga; play with the fabric to ensure coverage, ie pull one side down to the waist and pin on underside.

4) Allow the sheet over your should to drape down you back; use decorative cord/belt/rope/necktie/ribbon

To secure the sheet from over your shoulder at  your waist.

Ta-da! You’re now wearing a simple, basic toga. Now accessorize to suit your taste (or lack of it). Footware can be anything: sandals, cowboy boots, waders, high heels, combat boots. Remember, silly/crazy/fun/tacky are just the thing for Toga! Toga! Toga!

FYI: for more help/ideas, there are dozens of videos on YouTube and Pinterest for making a toga.