Che’s Lounge the Band at Shore Acres

Saturday, July 20, 2019
Shore Acres State Park, Charleston

Friends of Shore Acres
Christine Moffitt

Join the celebration of the return of the Shore Acres outdoor concert and picnic.

Placing Che’s Lounge in a tidy box of genre identity would be challenging. Unorthodox originals hand crafted on the riverbanks of coastal Oregon by lead singer, bass playing songwriter Shannon Souza, “Che”, deliver evocative lyrics driven by the passions of community, environment, and relationships amidst a dynamic collaboration of playfully masterful musicianship from guitarist David R. Ford, drummer Tim Fields, keyboardist Doug Jones and percussionist Tom Beckstrom.  

“We savor and respect our experiences of bringing people together to celebrate, contemplate and Get Down by delivering a consciously engaging and unique experience with constructive messaging and provocation.”